Aurelia St Clair – who has German-Cameroonian heritage and describes herself as biracial, bisexual and bilingual – ploughed into morbid online obsessions developed during lockdown. Then she unleashed a puckish, needling spot that was woke in the most irreverent way imaginable. Impossible to resist a charm offensive delivered with such offensive charm.

- The Age

St Clair’s monotone delivery brilliantly belies her sunny disposition (...) the stand-up knows her voice and plays to it with the professional vigour of a seasoned performer. Race, culture and stereotypes are all on the table tonight, with St Clair ripping into white society and its unhealthy obsession with putting people like her into boxes. The comic knows who she is, and tailors her comedy to her personality with ease, winning over everyone in the room in no time.

★★★★ The Music

“Quietly sassy yet gorgeously confident” - Weekend Notes

Aurelia St. Clair charms you the minute she steps on stage. With a measured, calm tone and a unique pace, it’s impossible not to hang on to every word she says. Discussions of cultural identity are masterfully married with critiques of modern life in your early twenties. Ruminating on the pitfalls of youth, she has an ability to wax lyrical on mundanity, weaving a bright, sublime web of laughter throughout the audience. If she’s this good after only two years on stage, I can’t wait to see where she is next festival. -Poison Drum Magazine